About This Blog

Why this Bacolod Living Blog?

What This Blog Is All About

This Bacolod Living blog is designed as a guide to the sugar capital of the Philippines – particularly on the places and attractions in the province of Negros Occidental, the top destinations, the available homes and other real estate properties to buy, invest, or sell, as well as the news and events in Bacolod City and in the province.

Why Bacolod Living blog?

Because Bacolod is a microcosm of Negros Occidental, and living in Bacolod is good.

Because Bacolod has always been one of the most livable cities in the Philippines, a clean and green city, a business-friendly city.

Because Bacolod is the capital city of the first class and culture-rich province of Negros Occidental.

Because Bacolod City is a starting point for both local residents of Negros Occidental, the Negrenses, and the visitors, who want to explore and experience the sights and sounds of Negros Occidental.

Because Bacolod City is the melting pot, the center, the central place, where the Negrenses from the other 12 cities and 19 municipalities from Negros Occidental gather and experience living as they know it.

This is what this blog all about – a guide to Negros Occidental, the sugarlandia of the Philippines.

But Negros Occidental is not only sugar. There is more to sugar, and beyond sugar.

There is also culture, the arts, the unique tourist attractions, the environment, investment and business opportunities, and more.

There is likewise the City of Smiles, the Festivals, the Food, Hotels and Inns, the province’s Top Destinations, and more.

There is also, and more importantly, the Negrenses – with their warmth, love for the good life, and more.

The Blog’s Admins

This site is co-owned and administered by Elena Pineda Gatanela, a PRC-licensed real estate appraiser and broker, a bon vivant, who loves to travel, eat, enjoy the good life and desires to live her life to the fullest, but in a relaxed and laid-back manner in Bacolod.

Elena’s co-admin is her husband, Eli Gatanela, a lawyer who does not want to litigate and hates going to the courts of law, because he wants to relax and enjoy his life living in Bacolod, eating, traveling, as well as watching the sunrise and the sunset.

For comments, suggestions, questions, e-mail the admins at: eligat_ph@yahoo.com